Hello, my name is Michaela Loher and I’m twelve years old. I live in Austria. I go into the second class of a Musicschool. The community where I live is called “Andorf”. This is a little, pretty place in Upper Austria. Andorf has more than 5000 inhabitants and lies in the “Innviertel”.
Austria this is a very beautiful and interesting country with lots of great sights. It lies in the middle of Europe and has got nine Federal States: Upper Austria, Burgenland, Styria, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Salzburg, the Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Vienna. Our country has got about 8 million inhabitants and the area of it is 84.000 km².

The Danube is the biggest river of Austria. Austria is also a land with lots of lakes and mountains. The most famous mountains are the alps and the GROßGLOCKNER. It is the highest mountain of Austria with 3696 meters over the sea and lies in Salzburg. The “Neusiedler-See” and the “Bodensee” are the largest lakes and also well-known in other countries.
Austria has 9 Federal States and each of them has many sights.

In Austria you have many mountains for skiing and Austria is famous because of its skiers. You surely know “Hermann Maier” or “Stephan Eberharter”.

 History of Austria

The Kingdom Noricum was founded by the celtics. Later, Austria became a Roman province under the Roman Emperor Augustus. Roman cities in Austria are already Linz, Vienna, Enns, Salzburg and Bregenz.  In 996 A.C. the Babenbergers got Austria from the Germans and its called “Ostarrichi”. In the Modern Age the Habsburgers conquered Austria and they ruled it until the beginning of the First World War in 1918. One of the most famous rulers was “Maria Theresia”. Until this time Austria was a very big country and had about 50 millions inhabitants. After the 12 th of November in 1918 Austria was a Republic. After the Second World War in 1945 there were many foreign and enemy soldiers in Austria. The 26  th of October is the Austrian National Day, because on this day in 1955 the Austrian`s neutrality was declared and it was the beginning of the 2  nd Republic.

Since 1995 Austria is one of the memberstates of the EU and since 2002 we pay with the EURO.


Federal State Vienna

Vienna, the Capital of Austria

Vienna is a fascinating city with lot of famous sights: the Palace of Schönbrunn, St. Stephan’s Cathedral, the State Opera house, the Parliament, the Hofburg and also the Prater with the Giant Ferris wheel. Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most important cultural monuments in Austria. The park and all the other attractions at Schönbrunn together see  about 5 million visitors each year.  Very famous is the Vienna Cuisine : Sachertorte, Wiener Schnitzel, Apfelstrudel and the tourists love this food. Also well known in Vienna and in the whole world is the the “Hofreitschule” of Vienna with his famous white horses.  The Lippizaner Museum in the Stallburg documents the exciting history of the famous horses.  Vienna is also the town of waltzes and every year there is the famous Vienna “Opernball”.


Federal State Salzburg


Salzburg is the town, where Mozart was born. There are many sights: “Festung Hohensalzburg, Wasserspiele”…. And everybody knows the famous “Mozartkugeln”. These are balls of chocolate and marzipan. Many visitors from over the world visit every year the “Salzburger Festspiele”.
The “Getreidegasse” is a street in Salzburg. There is the “Mozart House” and it is a famous street for shopping. Also remarkable is the “Hellbrunn Zoo”. There are over 400 animals at Hellbrunn Zoo and it is a geo-zoo.
In Salzburg you can also see the Hohensalzburg Fortress. You can reach it on foot or by funicular railway.


Federal State Upper Austria:

Upper Austria is the Federal State, where I live. Here it gives also many lakes and mountains. Everybody knows the “Salzkammergut” with its beautiful lakes.


Linz ist the capital of Upper Austria. In Linz there are the steelworks and there are many concerts in the Bruckner Hall.
Also famous in  Linz is the “Pöstlingberg” with the “Grottenbahn”, which is a little train for young children in a hole. The Pöstlingberg is 537 m high and it offers you a splendid view. Also a baroque church is there.

Linz is famous because of the Botanical Garden on the mountain “Gugl”. There are more than 8000 various types of plants.
When you visit Linz you must eat the “Linzer Torte”, which is known around the world.


Federal State Carinthia

Carinthia is famous of its warm lakes und offer us more sunshine as the other states in Austria and its capitial is “Klagenfurt”. I already spended my holidays with my familiy there.


Federal State Styria.

Graz is the capital of Styria.  It is the second largest town of Austria.
Everybody knows the Castle Hill with it’s the great clock-tower. The Castle Hill needed about 100 years to be formed. It is named “Schlossberg”. Another sight in Graz is the castle of Graz, which is located in front of the cathedral.
At least the Opera House is also well-known. The Opera-House is a baroque style.
So, each of our Federal States has its own beautiful sights and you can see that Austria is a country, which is worth to be visited from many tourists all over the world. I hope you will probably visit our country, it
's really fantastic.